Are you trying for a baby? 

If You are trying for a baby (especially if you have been trying for a little while) you may be starting to feel overwhelmed and confused by all the different options and advice out there.

You may be struggling to deal with your emotional experiences and having a baby is starting to take over your life.

You’ve heard acupuncture can help and need some help to find your way.

I’m here to support your journey

I am a Fertility Support Trained acupuncturist offering an integrated acupuncture approach that supports your fertility and fertile emotional health, for the benefit of new life to follow.

Whether you are just starting to try for a baby, have been trying for a while, have a diagnosed condition or unidentified cause, are trying naturally or with assisted fertility methods I can support you and your partner.

How can Acupuncture aid fertility?

Acupuncture can be beneficial to both women and men.

Acupuncture may be able to enhance and optimise natural & assisted fertility in several ways.

Clinical studies suggest that Acupuncture may help in the following ways:

  • Regulation of female and male hormones
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Improve blood circulation to the ovaries and uterus
  • Promote / Support ovulation (if trying naturally)
  • Support the quality and depth of the endometrial lining aiming to improve successful implantation
  • Promote follicular development
  • Reduce stress levels by reducing Cortisol levels (the body’s main stress hormone)
  • Reduce unwanted side effects from medication
  • Male fertility

When is acupuncture recommended:

I will work with you to create a personlised plan to see if Acupuncture could be beneficial for you on the stepping stones to parenthood.

My Commitment to You

1.   Extended Acupuncture appointments offering the time and space needed to discuss all aspects of your fertility journey

2.   I am available on email for queries, questions and moral support between weekly appointments

3.   I will have time to explain things to you as we go along

4.   I will share my knowledge and support you to understand more about your fertility journey

5.   I will always aim to ensure you feel supported and listened to throughout the whole process

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